Your One Stop Destination for Purchasing e cigs

Your One Stop Destination for Purchasing e cigs

types-of-ecigarettesAre your kids slightly drifting away from you simply because you are a chain smoker? You have tried everything from quitting cold turkey to therapy methods but none seems to have worked in your favour. This is high time that you switch over to electronic cigarettes to be able to kick the butt once and for all with the help of high quality e cigs that our company manufactures. What makes our services stand apart from the rest other pen cigarette companies present in the market is that we offer you a wide range of e cigarettes as well as e liquids all at one place. Hence you don’t need to move form pillar to post to search for the best e liquid on the market as you can rely on us for the right combination of strength and flavour that you are looking for.

The Vision that We Have

Our aim is to be able to provide our customers with the best quality eletronic cigarettes yet at affordable rates and we are continuously striving to realize the goal of affordable electronic smoking. The quality of our final product isn’t compromised during the whole process at any cost. You might find a number of products out there in the market that claim to offer you a harmless smoking experience but believe us they have certain health hazards associated. We make sure that regular checks are conducted on our e cigs as well as delivery system so that only the right and the best product reaches you.

Our Flavour Cartridges

The enjoyment that you have had by smoking an electronic cigarette can be truly enhanced when you switch over to our menu of exclusive e-cig cartridges. If you happen to have a look at the various review sites, then you can see that our cartiridges are rated the highest when it comes to the comparing the vapor strength which is the thickest among all. This thick vapor is available along with a clean, rich variety of flavours as well as the desired nicotine level. Whether you are looking for a mint, strawberry, cool menthol, coffee creation, very vanilla, classic tobacco, peppermint party or cherry crush — we have everything to offer.

What are the Accessories that We Provide?

We provide you a full line of accessories that will complement your e cigarette experience. The sleek line of the items that accompanies our e-cig includes:

Battery: This helps power your electronic cig and can be charged again and again so that you experience the ultimate smoking experience. The smaller ones use mini batteries while as the larger ones have larger batteries.
Atomizer: It is used in order to produce vapor for heating up the nicotine liquid present in the e cig. As soon as the battery has been charged the coil present within the atomizer heats up.

Cartomizer: This is the unit wherein cartridge and the atomizer are present. However this is a disposable item hence you need to be aware that the cartomizer can get degraded over time.

We will ensure to our level best that the electronic cig that we offer gives you the maximum possible profit out of every penny that you spend on it. We provide only the best at affordable prices that will ensure that you come back for more.

Our Excellent Customer Service Support

We understand it very well that there are certain issues when it comes to the proper usage of these electronic cigarettes. All that you need to do is to dial our number or drop us an email and our representatives will contact you and help you in every possible manner. Moreover questions related to timely delivery of the product as well as any discounts are all answered happily by our staff.

What Is The Best Type Of Electronic Cigarette?

What Is The Best Type Of Electronic Cigarette?

different-ecigsIf you are concerned about the harmful effects of tobacco but are finding it difficult to give up cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be a good solution. However, the range of e-cigarettes on offer can feel a little overwhelming if you have never used them before. How to you know which one is the best for your needs?

The Different Types Of Electronic Cigarette

Although there are a number of different brands which manufacture e-cigs, there are essentially just three types of device. The first type are small lightweight devices which are designed to look and feel like a regular cigarette. Understandably, these appeal to people who are only just trying to stop smoking.

Most smokers find that it is comforting to use a device which closely mimics a normal cigarette, as it allows them to tackle their nicotine addiction separately from their habit of “going for a cigarette”. They are an excellent transition aid, and one of the most cost effective products to try if you want to see if electronic cigarettes are right for you.

The downside of these devices is that they are small, and therefore the battery they use is not particularly powerful. This means that the vapor production is less impressive than on other types of e-cigarette, and does not last as long. You also need to consider that although the initial outlay is cheap, they are not as budget friendly in the long term. This type of device is either disposable or requires regular replacement of the cartridge.

Many people who start out with small, look-a-like e-cigarettes will transition to a refillable version. Rather than replacing the entire cartridge, you simply purchase an e-liquid and refill the chamber yourself. This liquid is very inexpensive, especially if you buy it online.

The performance of refillable devices is generally a lot more impressive. The battery power is stronger so it gives a longer lasting and more satisfying vapor. Many of the brands also sell different flavors, so you can experiment with finding one that suits your tastes.

The last type of electronic cigarette are much more advanced, and work on a variable voltage. This allows the user to control how much power is flowing through the device, and consequently how much vapor and nicotine is emitted. This can help to tailor the vaping experience to your exact requirements.

As you can imagine, variable voltage e-cigs are the most expensive, but this is not the only drawback. This type of electronic cigarette is not as simple to use as you might imagine, and is aimed predominantly at more experienced users. Although this might be the perfect device for you in the long term, it is not recommended that you purchase one if you have never vaped before.

Choosing to buy e cigarette will help you to get the most out of the experience, and will aid you in quitting tobacco. If you have not tried e-cigarettes before, it is best to start out with a simple model and then upgrade to a more sophisticated device.